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Imitate the Balloon for a Successful Business and Life

Imitate the Balloon for a Successful Business and Life

At first a balloon is flat. You could have it in your pocket or in the middle of a book and nobody has any idea of what you are keeping. Sometimes you could hold it in your hands without anybody noticing what you have.

But the moment you blow air into it steadily, it becomes impossible for you to put it in the middle of your book like you did earlier! Once you start blowing the balloon, you cannot fold it in your hands as you did before! Everybody around you begins to notice the balloon. They begin to pay attention to its colors and its size.

This is how the life of a man is supposed to be. When you have an idea, it may first be in your book or on a sheet of paper in your hands and isn't seen by anybody. But when you start to blow creativity into your idea, people begin see it. It also becomes impossible for you, the visionary, to hide the idea.

The idea attracts attention itself. Just like all the balloon needs to start receiving attention is consistent air, all your idea needs is consistent creativity blown into it.

Air sustains the balloon as long as there is no place for air to escape. Your business also thrives as long as creativity is not allowed to escape.

The balloon traps air inside to be able to exhibit its real size and at the same time it takes advantage of the air to move up. The breeze does not often favor the balloon but the balloon still takes advantage of the breeze to dance in the air. You and I know so well that the balloon might be fully blown but it does not move if there is no breeze to carry it.

You do not have to start with money. Start with what's on your mind.

There are people who have ideas and are waiting for money to start. What amazes me is that there are people who have money and are waiting for ideas so that they can invest their money! If money really gets things started, the people who have money would not look for ideas.

You may also be interested in the fact that the balloon lasts longer because of its flexibility. When it hits anything, its direction changes.

When you hit a hard rock, while sailing through life, don't stay put. Don't say it's the end of the road. There's a long way to travel beyond the rock.

When the balloon is pressed, it bends and flips because of pressure. Learn to endure. Use pressure to bend and flip to the next level.

The route a balloon or your life takes isn't going to be straight. Like an alphabet written on a straight line, you have to go zigzag before picking the letters that form success. I know you can be a success!