HR Toolkits


A.1 Managerial Function

A.1 Organization Systems

A.1.1 Organization

A.1.2 Essentials Of Management

A.1.3 Strategy & Management

A.2 HR And Change Management

A.3 Organizational Behaviour

A.3.1 Organization Culture


B. Operative Functions

B.1 Procurement

B.1.1 Job Analysis

B.1.1.1 Job Evaluation

B.1.1.2 Job Description

B.1.2 Human Resource Planning

B.1.2.1 Strategic Hrm Planning

B.1.2.2 Manpower Planning

B.1.2.3 Manpower Requisition

B.1.3 Induction & Orientation

B.1.3.1 HR SOP & Policy & Its Format

B.1.4 Recruitment

B.1.4.1 Test

B.1.4.2 Ten Tough Interview Questions And Ten Great Answers

B.1.4.3 Recruitment Tool Kit

B.1.4.4 Background Checks

B.1.5 Selection

B.1.5.1 Talent Acquisition

B. Campus Recruitment



B.  Offer Letter

B. Interview Feedback Form

B. Reimbursement

B. Interview Evaluation Form

B. Interview Application Form

B. Interview Call Letter

B. Advertisement

B.1.5.2 Talent Management

B.1.5.3 Talent Development

B.1.5.4 HR, IR, Admin Formats

B. Letter

B. Transfer Letter

B. Trainee Appointment Letter

B. Summer Internship

B. Retainership Letter

B. Offer Letter

B. Non Disclosure Agreement and Confidential Agreement Letter



B. Induction and Welcome Letter



B. Increment or Hike Letter



B. FTE Contract Appointment Letter



B. Experience and Relieving Letter



B. Covering Letter



B. Confirmation, Promotion & Extension Letter



B. Bond Letter For Trainee



B. Authorization Letter



B. Appraisal Letter



B. Appreciation Letter



B. Appointment Letter



B. Adhoc Letter



B.1.5.5 HR Corporate Checklist



B.1.5.6 Background Checks



B.1.6 Promotion

B.1.7 Placement

B.1.8 Transfer

B.1.9 Separation Or Retention

B.1.9.1 Separation

B. Separation and Exit Policy and Process

B. No Dues Formats

B. Full and Final Settlement

B. Experience and Relieving Letter

B. Exit Formats

B.1.9.2 Retention

B. Re Employment Form and Policy

B. Employee Retention Policy

B.2 Maintenance

B.2.1 Human Resource Audit

B.2.2 Human Resource Research

B.2.3 Human Resource Records

B.2.3.1 Transportation

B.2.3.2 Statutory MIS

B.2.3.3 Salary MIS

B.2.3.4 Recruitment MIS

B.2.3.5 MIS Report

B.2.3.6 Manpower Details

B.2.3.7 Dashboard


B.2.3.8 Corrective Action Plan

B.2.3.9 Admin Budget

B.2.3.10 Attrition

B.2.3.11 Attendance

B.2.3.12 HR Form

B.2.3.13 Absenteeism

B.2.4 Welfare Security

B.2.5 Social Security

B.2.6 Safety, ISO, 5s

B.2.6.1 Canteen Theme


B.2.6.2 Safety Poster


B.2.6.3 Aspect And Hazard


B.2.6.4 Suggestion Scheme

B.2.6.5 Safety SOP


B.2.6.6 Safety Movement


B.2.6.7 Safety Formats


B.2.6.8 Safety Policy


B.2.6.9 Health And Safety


B.2.6.10 Health Awareness


B.2.6.11 Fire & Safety Training



B.3 Integration

B.3.1 Health


B.3.2 Discipline


B.3.3 Participation Of Employees


B.3.4 Conflict Management

B.3.5 Collective Bargaining


B.3.6 Grievance Redressal


B.3.7 Job Satisfaction


B.3.8 Motivation



B.4 Compensation

B.4.1 Bonus And Incentives

B.4.2 Payroll

B.4.3 Wage And Salary Administration

B.4.4 Job Evaluation

B.5 Development

B.5.1 Executive Development

B.5.2 Training & Development

B.5.2.1 Training Design And Formats

B.5.2.2 Training & Development

B.5.2.3 Balanced Score Card

B.5.3 Career Planning And Development

B.5.4 Performance Appraisal

B.5.4.1 Skill Matrix

B.5.4.2 Performance Review Form

B.5.4.3 KRA Formats

B.5.4.4 Performance Management Guidebook

B.5.4.5 Competency Assessment & Management